Global Couples Retreats

At Esclusiva Couples Retreats, we believe that no matter where you are on your personal relationship journey, there are opportunities to reach a heightened degree of understanding and a greater level of happiness and satisfaction through increased intimacy and connection.



At Esclusiva, we absolutely don’t believe a relationship needs to be broken before you take steps to improve it…far from it.

You are no stranger to booking and going on relaxing vacations in exotic locations.

What if you were to add the opportunity of getting to know yourself and your partner better – gaining a deeper understanding of your relationship dynamics and how to lay the foundation necessary to continually work on building the mutual love, respect and trust that underpins your connection. What could be a more fulfilling and worthwhile investment of your precious time?

Our program is designed to improve the emotional and physical intimacy that you share with each other.

We believe this will help you live a long and happy life together with greater levels of satisfaction, less stress and an overall increased awareness of what makes a successful partnership. You will leave our retreats with the tools necessary to continue to invest in yourselves as both individuals and as a couple.

Individual Couples Retreats

Because each of these retreats is developed specifically for you and your partner, everything is bespoke from the location to the agenda for the week. Through virtual meetings, you will work with Kendra to identify your goals and objectives and she will then design a week around your unique relationship and incorporate one-on-one coaching sessions and activities into and around your vacation.

Think of it as the perfect pairing of the vacation you need and deserve with the opportunity to work on your relationship with the assistance of an expert who is focused solely on you.

Group Couples Retreats

At Esclusiva, we dedicate a great deal of time researching resorts all over the world in order to select locations that lend themselves to creating the type of experience you deserve…a week of relaxation, self-discovery and deeper intimacy and connection with your partner. We are excited to announce that our next Retreat will take place at the ANI Resort in Thailand. 

Meet Kendra Capalbo

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Kendra Capalbo

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