Welcome To Esclusiva Couples Retreats 2023 ANI - Thailand


My name is Kendra Capalbo and I am so excited that you are interested in learning more about our first couples retreat, which will be held this November in Thailand.

I designed my couples therapy practice based in Boston, Massachusetts to meet the needs of highly successful couples whose time is not only valuable, but limited.

The interesting thing about my practice in particular is that because of the type of clients it is geared towards, in theory, most of them “have it all.” They are living the dream with the exquisite house, designer clothes, and luxury vehicles yet the most important relationship in their lives is in jeopardy.

The trade-off for the extraordinary success is often limited time with loved ones, which can lead to cracks in the relationship.

I started thinking to myself, what if I could find a way to help this type of client before they reached the place of needing help to fix some thing that feels broken. What if I could help them deepen their connection and overall intimacy as a way to defend against a future fracture with a proactive approach rather than a reactive one?

And what if at the same time, I could offer them a much-needed, luxurious vacation as a way maximizing the highly valued commodity of their time?

And thus was born, Esclusiva Couples Retreats. I couldn’t be happier than to be offering the first of many retreats at Ani Thailand.

Working with couples in therapy has provided me the insight into where things went wrong, which has aided me and designing the itineraries for my couples retreats.

The week will seamlessly pair morning workshops, geared towards helping you deepen your intimacy, with the opportunity to experience all that Ani Thailand has to offer as part of a luxury vacation.

These retreats were developed with a particular type of participant in mind, and as such, I will be carefully screening those interested and selecting just 8 couples to ensure it is a successful week.

If you are a highly motivated, emotionally intelligent couple who recognizes the importance of investing in your relationship and being proactive versus reactive, this opportunity is designed for you.

Fill out the form below to start the process of securing your spot to join me in Thailand in November. You’re relationship deserves this!


Is the Ani Thailand Retreat Right for You?

Ani Thailand is a world-renowned center for retreats directed towards human wellness.

Before going any further, do any of these statements apply to you and your partner?

  • You and your partner lead a busy life, personal and/or professional and find it difficult to slow down or be more present.
  • You continually aspire to take more time for yourself and your partner.
  • You want to discover new possibilities for your relationship within your life whilst still maintaining the life and lifestyle you have created.
  • You and your partner have experienced a major life transition and need space to recenter yourself.
  • You are seeking a unique experience for you and your partner immersed in nurture and nature.

If the above statements resonate with you, this retreat may just be an exceptional way for you to further your relationshp and make it all it can be.


Explore our current itinerary for the November ANI Retreat. The Retreat is seven days long and that includes half days for travel. We mix work and play in a very special way.
Day 1
Self Intimacy
Exploring individual needs and desires, learning how to control your breathing, yoga & meditation
Day 2
Learning how to communicate your needs and desires with your partner
Day 3
Connecting with each other through synched breath and couples yoga
Day 4
Exploring the body in a non-sexual, intimate way using sensate focus techniques, massage
Day 5
Sexual Intimacy
Putting it all together – discussions around alternative relationship styles, techniques to introduce variety, energy and a new spark into your relationship, common difficulties couples encounter as they age together