The Imiloa Institute

Imiloa is a majestic, one of a kind, 20-acre private mountain-top property located in Costa Rica with 180-degree sunset ocean views overlooking the entire Pacific from Manuel Antonio in the north to the Osa Peninsula and Cano Island in the south. Imiloa is an exclusive resort with accommodations for just 15 couples, which include 200-year-old homes from Bali, Jungle bungalows with bathtubs in our unofficial sloth sanctuary and sacred geodesic domes.

Imiloa provides the perfect backdrop for a week to reset and purify your mind, body and soul. You will enjoy gourmet, plant-based meals and mouthwatering mocktails on this dry, vegan campus and you will have the opportunity to cleanse your entire being under the private waterfall.

In three years, Imiloa has booked 140+ retreats from around the world. We chose Imiloa because of their team's dedicated staff who deliver exceptionally high standards of service and their sole aim is the same as ours, which is to make each and every guest feel exactly what they are…special.

In their words…"We aim to provide each guest with barefoot luxury."

Is the Imiloa Retreat Right for You?

The Imiloa Institute is a world-renowned center for retreats directed towards human wellness.

If the following statements resonate with you, this retreat may be a good fit:

  • You and your partner lead a busy life, personal and/or professional and find it difficult to slow down or be more present
  • You continually aspire to take more time for yourself and your partner 
  • You want to discover new possibilities for your relationship within your life whilst still maintaining the life and lifestyle you have created
  • You and your partner have experienced a major life transition and need space to recenter yourself
  • You are seeking a unique experience for you and your partner immersed in nurture and nature

You are responsible for your travel from your departure city to San Jose, Costa Rica.

You will enjoy private chartered flights from San Jose International Airport and luxury ground transportation.

All gourmet, plant-based meals and mocktails are included.

Please plan for seven days total. While activities will be included on all seven days, the first and last are mainly for travel.

The staff at Imiloa are on hand to take care of your hospitality requests. We at Esclusiva are on hand to assist you in building your connection as a couple.


First and last days are travel days but will include activities
Day 1
Self Intimacy
Exploring individual needs and desires, learning how to control your breathing, yoga & meditation
Day 2
Learning how to communicate your needs and desires with your partner
Day 3
Connecting with each other through synched breath and couples yoga
Day 4
Exploring the body in a non-sexual, intimate way using sensate focus techniques, massage
Day 5
Sexual Intimacy
Putting it all together – discussions around alternative relationship styles, techniques to introduce variety, energy and a new spark into your relationship, common difficulties couples encounter as they age together

Introducing Candice

Kendra has the honor of co-hosting this retreat at Imiloa with her highly respected colleague, Candice Corrao. Candice seeks out experiences that challenge her sense of self and enhance her connection with those around her. For over 22 years she has crisscrossed between Eastern and Western philosophies coming up with her own combination of knowledge and insight that she brings to her life and her mental health practice. She uses yoga and mindfulness to teach mind body connection, enhancing a person’s ability to tune in and listen to their intuition. Candice is a Rhode Island based mental health clinician, sex therapist and registered yoga teacher. She has a partner of 20 years, 3 children and a dog. She likes to balance relaxation and mindfulness with fun, feeling free and opening to new experiences.